MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB is a company, registered in 2007, managing retail trade companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Poland; owning a total of 552 shopping centres of MAXIMA, T MARKET and ALDIK on the basis of the data of 31 December, 2016. The company MAXIMA GRUPĖ is managed by VILNIAUS PREKYBA, UAB, which also owns EUROAPOTHECA, UAB, and ERMITAŽAS, UAB.

EUROAPOTHECA manages retail and wholesale pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Ukraine. ERMITAŽAS controls store chains of household goods, construction and interior materials ERMITAŽAS and ARKORAMA in Lithuania. The companies of MAXIMA group develop business under a franchise by FRANMAX, UAB. FRANMAX is a company responsible for the provision of franchise for retail trade networks in order to create and strengthen the intellectual property used in retail trade and to increase the competitiveness of the companies of MAXIMA group.

FRANMAX is responsible for the establishment of the standards and concepts of retail and wholesale trade, creation and legal protection of the objects of intellectual property, strategic insights and introduction of methods which are necessary for the effective business development.