MAXIMA group companies and their workers see themselves as an inseparable part of local communities. Therefore, we strongly support people who live and create near us, and who are our neighbors, friends and acquaintances. When evaluating specific projects, we choose those which are bottom-up, have long-term effects and and which are important to the communities themselves.

MAXIMA Lithuania

Last year MAXIMA LT dedicated almost 500 000 euros towards supporting various projects. This was done not only by considering applications, but also by consulting with the activists from local communities, by careful investigation which projects will reach the maximum effect, where it is needed most. One of the first projects was the competition 'My community' during which three best ideas developed by communities were financed. Last year we continued our cooperation with 'Food bank', by providing food products to underprivileged families and people. This help amounted to almost the half of the entire amount of the last year's support. MAXIMA LT supported Children's Care Organization 'SOS children's villages' both by money, and by the most necessary things – clothes, furniture, household goods and toys. MAXIMA LT assigned support to the company's partner – the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania to The games of Lithuanian schools' which have been organized for more than ten years.


Our company pays particular attention to the project ‘Growing Latvia’, including various initiatives for the support of the families that need help after a child’s birth, that need help when they grow, learn or meaningfully spend their leisure time. Last autumn our company began cooperating with Children’s Clinical University and Children‘s Hospital School by developing a program ‘Drošais apmetnis’ (‘Safe Shelter’) for the children who were born too early. The aim of this program – to ensure a successful long-term integration of such children to the society. Last year together with charitable organization campaign ‘Help for poor children’ began. During this campaign funds were raised which were used to provide the most necessary goods and products – milk mixtures, etc. - for children from underprivileged families.

MAXIMA Estonia

MAXIMA EESTI has been organizing ‘The Tree of Angels’ five years in a row. This is one of the most popular projects which helps to feel Christmas spirit for the children of poor families. Every child, dreaming about Christmas presents, can leave his wishes on the ‘The Trees of Angels’, built in MAXIMA stores MAXIMA EESTI fulfilled these wishes. In total, ‘The Tree of Angel’ grew in 45 Estonian stores, and 1300 children received the presents they dreamed about.


The way our world will look like tomorrow – the way it will operate and the kind of people will create it – depends on our children and youth, whose talents we should aim to discover and develop.

MAXIMA group continues to carry out a bright project – supports young talents in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The earliest – in 2003 – the Maximalist project began in Lithuania. This year, MAXIMA will select the most promising candidates for scholarships from a lot of applications for the fourteenth time. During that time, over 4600 schoolchildren received scholarships which are worth more than 750 000 euros in Lithuania. Over 1800 children participated in the program in Latvia, more than 63 000 euros have been allocated for their scholarships. 125 students have already participated in Estonia, and 60 000 euros have been allocated for their scholarships. Today’s famous artists and sportsmen, such as Lithuanian singer Evelina Sašenko, accordionist Martynas Levickis, swimmer Giedrius Titenis, Estonian record-holder skater Martenas Liivas and painter Alisa Anna Dzirniecė, are among them. Undoubtedly, there are more future artists, scientists, political and public actors who will announce about themselves loudly in the future. Almost all the schoolchildren have noted that the scholarships they received helped to become more independent, improve skills, and for some of them – start saving for the future studies.


Sustainable economic development is impossible without responsible attitude to the use and renewal of natural resources, without a great attention to waste management and recycling and without economic attitude to the use of heating and light.

Before launching any innovations in all the companies of the group, we test them carefully, analyse the results, compare them with the best practices in the world and only then we press the green light to start. Any process optimization is not an end in itself, determined by fashion or a wish to look more beautiful in the eyes of the others. We set an aim for ourselves to limit carbon dioxide footprint of our business’ on the environment not only because it is good for the society, but is beneficial to our business as well. In this way, everyone wins – we, our partners and the nature. When choosing new technology and innovations, we prioritise those which reduces our costs and optimizes the processes in the long-term perspective. Short-term cosmetic and public relations effects are not interesting for us.

• We completed simulations and prepared standards how to design and build new objects according to the requirements, applied for the buildings of category A (energy efficiency). This will increase the efficiency of heating and cooling of premises, and at the same time will reduce the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

• We exclusively install systems which allow to regain heat from the cold technology systems and later reuse it in the building maintenance, producing hot water, and heating premises.

• Systems which warm air using the heat from technological ventilation have been installed. This helps to reduce the need of electricity for the heating.

• LED type lights are used for increasing the intensity of lighting and lighting up utility rooms, which is reduces the costs of electric energy significantly.

• Automatic lighting control is installed in the halls, while movement sensors which adjust the lighting to the time of the day and help to avoid human error are installed in utility rooms.

• We use conditioning systems with heating pumps which have not only cooling, but also heating functions. Therefore, heating costs are significantly reduced.

• A newly built MAXIMA logistics centre in Estonia has a white roof covered with titanium oxide. It absorbs CO2 gas from the air and thus reduce air pollution. In addition, modern roof will ensure lower air temperature in the summer inside and allow using ventilation and conditioning systems in a more effective way.

• In all of the companies the collection of recycling materials and waste sorting by separating waste of non-animal origin from household waste are in place.

• We consider implementing charging stations for electric cars at the group‘s retail trade companies.

• During last year, a transportation park was renewed in Lithuania – now about 40 % of the trains, carrying MAXIMA goods, are new. These vehicles not only help to improve our company’s image, but also use less fuel and pollute less. In addition, drivers’ working conditions are improved.


MAXIMA team is comprised of international staff of over thirty thousand employees. Thanks to them, MAXIMA is the leading retailer. We offer our staff the possibility to learn from the most experienced retailers in the Baltics.

It is hardly possible to find another company in our region, in which the majorities of top level managers began their careers in the primary and most important company’s part, a store or a subdivision. We are the Lithuanian business, later expanded to other countries becoming international. The company’s culture and values spread to all the countries where we operate. Our values define the company’s culture and sets out the vision for MAXIMA.


• We work so that our customers came back to us

• We are fair to our customer

• We offer what a customer needs


• We listen to each other

• We share our knowledge and experience

• We respect other people’s work and time


• We treat others as we would like be treated ourselves

• We are respectful with colleagues, partners and customers

• We are responsible members of the community


• We are active

• We take on responsibility

• We support initiative

We encourage our specialists to strengthen their professional competence and employees to participate in professional training and seminars. Horizontal and vertical rotation both from one MAXIMA group inside the companies and among different companies not only helps to apply employees’ knowledge more inventively, find the fields that are most suitable for them, but also to consolidate company’s business culture in different countries and markets. The group aims to form the reserve of managers, and this is possible through sharing knowledge, increasing management and professional competences, encouraging the self-improvement.

We value our staff’s loyalty, therefore, we are proud of hundreds of employees, who started their career in primary and fundamental part of companies of MAXIMA group, stores or their divisions, and became the managers. We can always offer the same or better working environment than competitors, therefore we provide our workers with a lot of additional benefits: free transportation to work and back or compensations for these expenses, free ‘Thank you‘ cards and additional benefits with them, special services and product discounts from our business partners, and free meals in the workplace. However, the most important thing is informal attention to our workers. We congratulate our workers when their children are born, we celebrate their birthdays, and we do not forget the 1st of September when their children start school. The program ‘Maksimalistas‘ promotes learning achievements, and excellent school students of our employees are supported with special scholarships. Finally, there are events when we simply spend our leisure time together: Paris-themed MAXIMA LT Winter Festival, in which participated about a thousand of our employees, fifteen Women of the Year awarded in a special party, or, perhaps, Sports Day of MAXIMA LATVIJA, held for three days and gathering 1000 participants, or a ‘Bring a friend to work‘ program organized in Estonia. We cherish all the events in which our employees get to know one another better, learn to trust each other, begin to value one another not only as colleagues but also as the members of one community.