MAXIMA group companies operate under the brands MAXIMA, T-MARKET and ALDIK.




MAXIMA is the best-known and the most favourite retail brand in the Baltic States. Universality, abundance, and a good price-quality ratio are its key features. We attempt to satisfy the needs of various customers; meanwhile, a family is at the core of our focus, since we want to be a shopping centre, which is relevant for all its members.

MAXIMA is universal in its format, starting from the large stores, where one can find everything, to the small stores, offering the most necessary and primary commodities. Geography – MAXIMA shopping centres can be found both in the large and small cities. Its assortment encompasses a rich selection of food, non-food commodities and services. Its customer profile represents all social and age groups.

Customers are in the spotlight of a brand. The key customers of MAXIMA are women, for whom the family and the development of relationships within it are most important. MAXIMA cannot take care of families instead of its customers, but it can help them to do so. Our customers’ domestic needs include groceries and other household products. Shopping is pleasurable, but also requires energy, time and money, which people are often limited by. We believe that it becomes easier for our customers to take care of their families if they can shop at a convenient place, find all the products they need and not overpay.


The small yet customer-friendly T-MARKET stores can be found in all the convenient and densely populated areas that are close to home, main roads and at sites with the largest people flow.

T-MARKET stores are distinctive for offering daily grocery items at a low price. Here, the product assortment is tailored for daily customers who are seeking for primary food and industrial commodities.

We seek to establish a genuine relationship with the community we work for and to become good neighbours: we participate and provide support for various local community events, cooperate in numerous projects and solve relevant problems.


The small stores of ALDIK network are primarily valued for their convenient location, since they are established in the convenient locations, such as urban residential areas and large shopping centres.

ALDIK stores offer quick and convenient shopping for food and primary industrial commodities at a medium price.

The ALDIK retail chain focuses on fresh food products and their quality. The customers acknowledge and appreciate the following: they are willing to buy fresh bread, other pastries and ALDIK confectionery, baked at the "7 Grains" bakery, belonging to the ALDIK network.