Maxima Grupė has acquired the remaining shares of Emperia Holding S.A.

Maxima Grupė has successfully completed the deal to acquire the remaining shares of Emperia Holding S.A. and now holds 100 percent shares directly and through subsidiary of Emperia Holding S.A. The Group has paid about EUR 8.3 million for 2.87 percent shares previously owned by small shareholders.

"After successfully acquiring the remaining shares of Emperia Holding S.A., we can continue the process of company integration, thus strengthening Maxima Grupė's position in the Polish market. Therefore, the next step, naturally, is the Emperia Holding S.A. delisting process", says Dalius Misiūnas, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Maxima Grupė.

Maxima Grupė directly owns 96.53 percent shares of the Polish company, the remaining shareholding belongs to Emperia Holding S.A. subsidiary Elpro Development.

The deal value of Emperia Holding S.A. acquisition amounts to more than EUR 284 million. According to the company, having completed the deal Maxima Grupė has become the largest Lithuanian capital investor in Poland.

The Group paid the small shareholders 100 PLN for one Emperia Holding S.A. share, i.e. the same price at which the main shareholding was acquired during the public offering. The right to buy out small shareholders is provided in the relevant Polish legislation that regulates both the procedure and the pricing rules.

Emperia Holding S.A. runs Polish retail chain Stokrotka that, by the end of 2017, held 437 stores and had more than 8.000 employees.


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