Maxima Grupė has created a position of Chief Customer Officer

Maxima Grupė has established a position of Chief Customer Officer. The new officer will be responsible for omnichannel marketing, loyalty programs and development of customer centric innovations. Starting from the 1st of February, this position will be taken by Tomas Kibildis, until now the head of e-grocery business in the Baltics, Barbora.

“One of Maxima Grupė’s main strategic directions is giving special attention to service quality and convenience for customers. That’s why we decided to create the position of chief customer officer. The experience that Tomas has accumulated while developing Barbora’s services, which customers are fond of, will be very valuable in his new responsibilities,” says Dalius Misiūnas, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Maxima Grupė.

Prior to becoming Maxima Grupė’s Chief Customer Officer, Tomas Kibildis has been leading Barbora in Lithuania for more than 4 years, and in 2017 was appointed CEO and Member of the Board of Radas, which operates all the Barbora e-stores in the Baltic countries. Before that, he led marketing department at Akropolis for 6 years.

“At Barbora we constantly sought ways to make ordering goods online more convenient for customers and to make the whole shopping process cause positive emotions. In this phase, I’ll seek to apply the lessons and insights I gained in my new duties. I’ll focus my attention on the areas of loyalty and marketing, as well as innovations and digital solutions that enrich the shopping experience. I’ll also concentrate on ensuring unified customers’ experience in different sales and marketing channels,” the new Chief Customer Officer says.

Tomas Kibildis will continue to serve as a Member of the Board of Maxima Grupė and Chairman of the Board of Radas.

Until new CEOs will be selected and appointed, Chief Financial Officer Andrius Mikalauskas will serve as the interim head of Barbora in Lithuania and of Radas.

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