Consumers' and personnel safety remains the priority of MAXIMA GRUPĖ

MAXIMA GRUPĖ, controlling the retail companies in the Baltic countries, Poland and Bulgaria, this year continued with the projects that were started in 2014 and aimed at ensuring the safety of the personnel and consumers and making all the necessary changes within companies. MAXIMA GRUPĖ has invested more than one million euros into the safety projects this year.

“The tragedy that had happened in Riga, Zolitūdė two years ago will remain forever in our company’s history. It was a painful lesson which shocked us all but at the same time led us to change. We are continuously implementing the changes within our companies. We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that such a disaster will never happen again”, - noted Neringa Janavičiūtė, CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ.

This year company carried on with the extraordinary inspection of building structures and personnel training on safety, also in all the buildings additional civilian and fire safety measures are being updated and deployed. Over one million euros were dedicated for that.

Support for the victims, changes within the company and co-operation with the authorities were the major tasks for MAXIMA Latvia this year. “As announced by the Latvian Prosecutor-General, two years ago on 21st of November in Zolitūdė tragedy has occurred due to the construction flaws. Construction defect, faulty designs and inadequate organizing of the construction process were the reasons for tragedy. The investigation is completed now, the materials were provided to the court and it is expected that the trial will begin later this year. In turn we take the full moral responsibility for what had happened, and continue to provide support for victims and those, who had lost their relatives”, - said N. Janavičiūtė.

Company continues monthly payments to the children who had lost their parents during this disaster. Payments were started immediately after the disaster and will be provided until they reach adulthood. Right after the disaster the company has donated more than 2.1 million euros to the victims and those who had lost their relatives.

Last year MAXIMA Latvia arranged the plot where the shop stood. It was announced that no commercial activity would be carried out there and SIA TINEO, owned by Company’s shareholders, donated this plot to Riga city municipality. In the future the monument will be installed there for the memory of the victims. According to N. Janavičiūtė, what should be placed of remembrance, should be decided by the relatives of the victims and Zolitūde district’s residents.

“It is also important that MAXIMA Latvia team is recovering after experiencing the shock and emotional challenges. We believe that huge efforts of our personnel and management is also noted by Latvian society. That is the largest and most important appreciation of changes that is happening right now”, highlighted CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ.

MAXIMA GRUPĖ is a company, established in 2007, that controls retail stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria. It has 532 “MAXIMA X”, “MAXIMA XX”, “MAXIMA XXX”, “ALDIK”, and “T-MARKET” stores: 233 in Lithuania, 148 in Latvia, 75 in Estonia, 47 in Bulgaria, and 29 in Poland.

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