Maxima Grupė acknowledged for investments in Polish market

Maxima Grupė won a prize for successful acquisition of retail chain Stokrotka and further growth of the company during one of the biggest retail events “Food Market and Retail Forum” (Forum Rynku Spożywczego i Handlu) that was held on 5-6 November in Warsaw.

“For us, this award is significant acknowledgement, keeping in mind that we are investing and expanding in much bigger market than Lithuania. Positive assessment from Polish colleagues motivates us to continue developing business in this country. We find Poland attractive for its size, growth and consolidation potential. Thus, we are planning further ambitious expansion in this market,” says the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Maxima Grupė Dalius Misiūnas.

According to the company, having completed the acquisition deal Maxima Grupė has become the largest Lithuanian capital investor in Poland.

In the awards ceremony, dedicated to mark the most important events in Polish retail sector, Maxima Grupė was nominated in the “Polish year’s food market event” category. Annual event, attracting more than a thousand participants, is organized by PTWP SA Group, which owns Polish retail magazine “Food market” (Rynek Spożywczy) and sector associated news portals ( ir

This autumn Maxima Grupė successfully completed integration of Stokrotka and Aldik, Polish retail chain owned since 2012. Currently, Maxima Grupė runs more stores in Poland than in all Baltic countries’ markets combined. Stokrotka retail chain owns more than 500 stores. There are more than 8 thousand employees working in the company.  

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