New Chairman of Radas: Barbora expects big jump in e-grocery services

Newly appointed Chairman of the Board of Radas Andrius Mikalauskas will lead Barbora’s further expansion of e-commerce services in Baltics. A. Mikalauskas is the permanent CEO of e-grocery store Barbora and the CEO of Radas, the company that operates Barbora businesses in the Baltic countries.

“In Barbora we challenge ourselves to be one step ahead all situations and circumstances. Together with other Board members, Barbora and Radas team, we acknowledge the significance of today’s e-commerce services, therefore, will continue to work on further Barbora’s expansion in the Baltics so we could excel our services and exceed customers’ expectations , - says Andrius Mikalauskas, the new Chairman of Radas.

“Today like never before fast decisions and immediate actions are crucial in e-commerce sector. Andrius lead in both positions allow us to foster innovations and ensure qualitative service to a large number of e-shoppers in the Baltic region. Nevertheless, the high management standards will be kept, as Radas Board remains in its composition, - says Andris Vilcmeiers, the CEO of Maxima Grupė, Barbora’s controlling company.

Andrius Mikalauskas leads Barbora since June, 2019, in February, 2018 became the CEO and the Board member of Radas. Previously he worked as CFO at Barbora starting in September 2017. Prior to joining the company, he had been working at the consulting firm Ernst&Young for more than six years.

Former chairman Vitalij Rakovski who is also the CFO and the Board member of Maxima Grupė remains in the Board of Radas as a member.

Board of Radas is comprised of: Chairman Andrius Mikalauskas, the CEO of Barbora and Radas, Vitalij Rakovskij, the CFO and Board member of Maxima Grupė, Andrius Jurgelevičius, CCO of Barbora in Lithuania, and Karolis Lesickas, the Company’s Head of IT.

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