Vilniaus Prekyba Group e-trading companies undergo rotation between the positions of three managers

8 April 2022

Today, on 8 April, there is a rotation of managers in three e-commerce companies of Vilniaus Prekyba: UAB Barbora, AZETA, UAB and UAB Trobos.

Barbora, which controls e-stores in the Baltics, from today will be headed by Andrius Ladauskas, who will replace Andrius Jurgelevičius. Jurgelevičius, who has worked in the company since the establishment of Barbora and has been managing it for the last year, becomes the director of the company Azeta, which is developing online pharmacy Eurovaistinė in the Baltic States. Justė Levčenkaitė, who has been managing Azeta for 6 years and has been working for online pharmacy Eurovaistinė since its establishment, will take over the position of the director of Trobos from Ladauskas.

Andrius Mikalauskas, responsible for e-commerce and e-commerce development of Vilniaus Prekyba Group, commenting on the rotation, said, “The rotation can be described by one of the operating principles of the VP Group: “We are Successful Together and We Enjoy It Together” (IMESKIM). In the VP Group, we act together and think together about how to do things. And how to do better. The purpose of this rotation is to bring each manager a new impulse into a new field of action and to further develop e-commerce in companies. Jurgelevičius, Levčenkaitė and Ladauskas have an excellent knowledge of the e-commerce business and are not only managers but also leaders, with their own leadership styles and the same principles, which makes this rotation even stronger. Barbora and Azeta are market leaders, setting the pace in their sectors and, in an extraordinary situation in the country, taking responsibility not only for themselves but for the market as a whole. Meanwhile, Trobos is a young e-commerce company, but has a strong team, which is also developing Ermitažas e-shop E-commerce is one of Ermitažas’ main areas of focus and competition in this market is extremely high, so Levchenkaitė’s experience and leadership will be particularly needed.”

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