In our operations, we build on the principles of integrity, transparency, respect and social responsibility, and, as the other companies of Vilniaus prekyba, we follow the Code of Conduct.


Maxima Grupė‘s anti-corruption policy includes main transparency principles, requirements and guidelines how to ensure anti-corruption practices in our everyday operations.  

A trust line is maintained at the company where you can anonymously report possible cases of corruption or other criminal activity in the company. The email address is and the phone number is +370 669 00130. We guarantee confidentiality.


At MAXIMA GRUPĖ we strive that sustainability would become an integral part of our every operation. It is what’s right for our customers, employees, partners, communities and the environment. As retail leader and one of the biggest taxpayers in the Baltics with gradually expanding the operations in Poland and Bulgaria, it is important for us to act in a responsible way and respond to the global challenges and trends that society faces. Being part of a tight network of local and international suppliers, MAXIMA GRUPĖ is aware of multiple challenges it has to respond to regarding its social and environmental performance.

Understanding the scope of our daily operations, we are building a stronger sense of responsibility over the impact of our operations. 2018 for MAXIMA GRUPĖ marks the year of valuable commitments and increased responsibilities. Together with the development of the new company strategy until 2025, MAXIMA GRUPĖ has approved its new long-term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to 2025 aligned with company’s goals. With this strategy we are looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our business model while making an even higher contribution to the environment and society, adding to the well-being of our key stakeholders. Creating a meaningful CSR 2025 strategy additionally ensures transparency before our stakeholders and adds value to our business.

MAXIMA GRUPĖ has built a strong vision to be a responsible leading retailer and create a shared value for our customers, suppliers and societies we operate in. Therefore, we have set a focus on six key CSR directions.


MAXIMA GRUPĖ Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the key requirements of MAXIMA GRUPĖ UAB and the legal entities it directly and indirectly controls for suppliers, to create the preconditions for implementing the highest standards of business ethics in the supply chain. The Code of Conduct reflects the effort of the Group Companies to strengthen sustainable collaboration with suppliers, promoting practices that are lawful, professional and fair, including respect for human rights, business ethics and environmental protection.

Customers are one of the most important stakeholders that we focus on. Doing our everyday work, we want to ensure the best shopping experience for our customers that would create value for them. In 2018 we’ve worked on better prices, revised our assortment, invested in new stores and renovated existing ones, developed new convenient store formats and concepts, invested in home deliveries and introduced in-store solutions. Also, we strive to offer our customers more sustainable practices, creating cleaner environment and ensuring choices for healthier lifestyle. 

As one of the biggest employers in the Baltic countries we understand that more than 40 thousand employees are the ambassadors of the company and our most valuable asset. Therefore, we put great effort to ensure engagement, motivation and professional improvement of our colleagues. We also seek to create the internal organizational culture where each team member from the top management to the operational level is appreciated, respected and empowered to reach their full potential; where equal opportunities, good working conditions and feedback are the foundation of daily work. 

Close cooperation with our strategic partners – suppliers and producers – lets us create our success story. Long years of great partnerships have given rise to Lithuanian businesses that have established themselves in foreign markets together with MAXIMA GRUPĖ. We pursued to develop even closer collaboration with local businesses, and work hand-in-hand with our long-standing partners to achieve the best results together. We want to encourage sustainable business practices and be a trusted long-term partner that helps companies to reach their customers in a transparent and merit-based way.

As a business with wide regional coverage, we are working to make a positive impact for communities and especially families in need. Therefore, our company wants to continue active and responsible efforts to support our communities, contribute to the general wellbeing and help solve problems that matter in the countries we work in. 

MAXIMA GRUPĖ’S approach is to take care of the environment by reducing impact on it. In the long term, we strive for clean and sustainable business practices that would have as little as possible impact on the environment. We are committed to find more circular systems for packaging and implement new renewable energy solutions to meet climate targets, accelerate emission reduction and manage food waste.