17 September 2020

“Maxima Grupė revenue grew up by 6.3% in the first half of 2020 versus the same period last year, as further expansion in Poland continued. Strong first quarter performance combined with good cost control allowed to reach EBITDA of EUR 163 million, despite negative impact from COVID-19” said Maxima Grupė’s Chief Financial Officer Vitalij Rakovski.


3 September 2020

On 2 September 2020, Maxima Grupė transferred the shares of its subsidiary Maxima International Sourcing to another of its subsidiaries Maxima LT.

“The decision was taken in order to consolidate the two companies’ purchasing teams, thus taking advantage of their synergies and ensuring the highest quality and the best prices for Maxima’s customers,” says Maxima Grupė CEO Jurgita Šlekytė.


20 May 2020

On 20 May, Maxima Grupė is beginning a structural change of its corporate group, after which Maxima Grupė will manage all the retail operators, and they will assume the management of the real estate used in their activities. Additionally, the management company Lincoln Land Erste, which operates in the Netherlands, will no longer be part of the group’s composition.


14 May 2020

On 14 May, Agnė Voverė became the Chief Executive Officer of MAXIMA International Sourcing UAB, which is owned by MAXIMA GRUPĖ UAB. As the new head of the company, she replaces Vilma Drulienė, who will continue in her roles as Chief Commercial Officer and Member of the Board at Maxima LT UAB.


14 April 2020

“The expansion in Poland over the last two years has increased Maxima Grupė’s 2019 total revenue up to EUR 3,993 million. However, profitability decreased due to investments in better prices for our customers. We focused on opening new stores and increasing the number of self-service checkouts,” said Maxima Grupė’s CEO Jurgita Šlekytė.