Maxima Estonia CEO – D. Gegelytė

As of February 24, Diana Gegelytė was appointed as the sole member (CEO) of the board of MAXIMA Eesti OÜ, succeeding Kristina Mustonen.

D. Gegelytė joined “Maxima LT“ in 2011 as the Head of Labour Safety and Health Unit. Since 2016, she has served as the Head of Operations Area Projects, serving in this position until 2020, when she assumed the role of Director of Trade and Production Department of „Maxima Eesti“. Most recently D. Gegelytė has been serving as the Chief Operating Officer of the Operations Management Department within the company.

Additional Information

"Maxima Grupė" manages retail chains "Maxima" (in the Baltic countries), "Stokrotka" (in Poland), "T-Market" (in Bulgaria), and the online food store "Barbora," operating in the Baltic countries and Poland.

"Maxima Grupė" is part of the "Vilniaus prekyba" group of companies. Through its other subsidiary companies, "Vilniaus prekyba" controls investments in retail and pharmacy chains, as well as real estate development and rental service companies in the Baltic countries, Sweden, Poland, and Bulgaria.

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