MAXIMA GRUPĖ Is Hoping to Cut the Communication Service Costs by 50 Percent
26 May 2010
MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB has selected the new connection service providers in three Baltic States. The winners of the telecommunication service tender in Lithuania organised by the company were companies Eurocom SIP and Eurocom, in Latvia - Lattelecom and Tele2 and in Estonia – Elion and Tele2. The selected companies will provide both mobile and fixed line services to the companies MAXIMA LT, UAB, MAXIMA Latvia, SIA and Maxima Eesti. It is expected that the new contract swill allow reducing the communication service costs by up to 50 percent.
"We are seeking to offer the lowest prices to our customers by reducing the prices both at our own expense and by reviewing all our internal expenses. We have no doubts that the new agreements with the connection service providers will allow to significantly reduce the costs of the telecommunication services", said Romas Butkevičius, the manager of the IT Centre of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB. According to him, the MAXIMA GRUPĖ companies in the three Baltic States and Bulgaria on average spend approximately 3 mln litas annually on the communication services. It is expected that the service providers selected for the MAXIMA GRUPĖ companies will allow cutting down the communication costs by up to 50 percent.
21 fixed line and mobile connection companies participated in the tender announced by MAXIMA GRUPĖ in the Baltic States: 8 from Lithuania, 6 from Latvia and 7 from Estonia. Invitations for submitting proposals were sent to the mail telecommunication companies in all three Baltic countries.
"Our employees mostly use the main communication services, such as calling and sms messaging. Depending on the country, from 40 to 60 percent of all the calls are the calls made between the company employees, the rest is made to the company suppliers and partners. International connection is very important for us as well, therefore, calls between MAXIMA GRUPĖ office in Lithuania and company employees in other countries constitute about 20 percent of the total amount of calls made within MAXIMA GRUPĖ", stated R.Butkevičius. According to him, the quality of the chosen telecommunication service providers corresponds to the connection service requirements set forth by the company.
In total, more than 1600 MAXIMA GRUPĖ employees in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia use the services of the mobile service operators. The company also has 2700 fixed line numbers in the three countries.
MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB is an operational financial holding company registered in 2007, governing retail business in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria, which consists of 426 trade centres Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, T-Market and Ermitažas, of which 217 are in Lithuania, 127 in Latvia, 52 in Estonia and 30 in Bulgaria. The number of employees of the companies managed by MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB in all the countries is around 23.5 thousands.

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