Alvydas Šustikas will take over as the CEO of Maxima Grupė

Alvydas Šustikas will take over as CEO of Maxima Grupė controlling retail chain MAXIMA in Lithuania and retail chains in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria from May 21. He will replace current CEO of Maxima Grupė, Neringa Janavičiūtė, who is leaving the group of companies.

‘I have gone a long and interesting way in the companies of MAXIMA, and by completing my work here, I may summarize that the companies of the Group operate steadily, and the foreseen plans and projects are implemented. Over the last few years, I think, we successfully achieved the key goals set by the shareholder. I am leaving the office calmly and with a strong belief in the team which will now hold the helm of MAXIMA’, said N. Janavičiūtė.

‘I thank Neringa Janavičiūtė for her many years of work at Maxima Grupė and other associated companies, and wish her good luck in her future work. Many new and continuous challenges lie ahead for the new CEO, the most important of which are to increase the business competitiveness, strengthen the positions in the foreign markets, and continue to implement the contemporary model of business management in all companies of the group’, said Raimonda Kižienė, CEO of Vilniaus prekyba, UAB, which is the shareholder of Maxima Grupė.

For the last four years, new CEO Alvydas Šustikas headed the company Azeri Retail established by the Austrian Investment Fund EMSA Capital which controls the Azerbaijani retail store chain Fresco. Before then, for eight years, he had held various leading positions in the retail store chain RIMI Lietuva; and for two years in the trade company Ekovalda.

A. Šustikas graduated in Business Management at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, had an internship at Ahold Retail Academy of the Netherlands.
The changes concern only the holding company, and companies in the local market continue their operations as usual.

Maxima Grupė is a controlling company registered in 2007, which currently consolidates retail companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. 528 stores of Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, Aldik, T-Market operate in them: in Lithuania, 232 stores operate, in Latvia – 148, in Estonia – 74, in Bulgaria – 48, in Poland – 26. More than 31 thousand workers are employed in the Companies of the Group.

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