Vilma Drulienė becomes the new CEO of MAXIMA International Sourcing

6 November 2019

Effective 6 November, Vilma Drulienė became the CEO of the Maxima Grupė’s subsidiary MAXIMA International Sourcing. Being a member of the company’s board, V. Drulienė will also continue to serve as a Chief Commercial Officer and a member of the board at Maxima LT.

The new CEO of MAXIMA International Sourcing replaces Gintaras Jasinskas, who managed the company until now.

“Gintaras accomplished the goals set for him at a key establishment phase of MAXIMA International Sourcing. For this we are grateful to him. As of now, new company’s goals are being set. With Vilma’s arrival, we will take advantage of the synergy between the two purchasing teams of MAXIMA International Sourcing and Maxima LT,” Maxima Grupė CEO Jolanta Bivainytė says.

“I’m thrilled with this new challenge and the trust put in me. The retail sector is extremely dynamic, demanding fast and non-standard solutions. By combining both teams’ experience, we can create a Maxima that will be the first choice for an ever-bigger circle of shoppers,” Vilma Drulienė says.

Vilma Drulienė has more than 15 years of experience in retail. She has worked at Maxima Grupė companies since 2003 and has held leading positions in areas of commerce and purchasing in both Lithuanian and Latvian markets.

The next steps in Gintaras Jasinskas’s career will become clear in the near future.

MAXIMA International Sourcing provides centralized supply, purchasing and negotiation services for the Maxima retail chains (in the Baltic countries), Stokrotka (in Poland) and T MARKET (in Bulgaria), develops private label brands, and engages in wholesale trade. It is part of Maxima Grupė – the largest retail company with Lithuanian capital, operating more than 1,000 stores in five countries.

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