Management rotation at Maxima Group companies

3 March 2022

On March 4, a management rotation shall occur in the following companies of Maxima group: MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB, MAXIMA LT, UAB, „MAXIMA Latvija“ SIA and MAXIMA International Sourcing, UAB. 

Jolanta Bivainytė, who has been leading the largest Maxima group company Maxima LT for two years, is appointed as CEO of Vilniaus prekyba and was elected as its Chairman of the Board. In this position J. Bivainytė replaces Andrius Mikalauskas, who shall concentrate on one of his current responsibilities – development of e-commerce of the VP Group. A. Mikalauskas also continues to lead the company "Radas".

Tomas Rupšys, who has been managing Maxima Latvija for more than a year, is appointed CEO of Maxima LT and has been elected as its Chairman of the Board. Karolina Zygmantaitė takes over the wheel of Maxima Latvija and becomes a member of the Board of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB. Until now, she held a position of CFO of Maxima Grupė, and this position is taken over by Povilas Šulys, who has been managing related companies Ermi Group and Ermitažas for the last two years. Agnė Voverė is becoming the new CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Ermi Group. A. Voverė temporarily transfers the management of MAXIMA International Sourcing, UAB to Mykolas Navickas, the company's current CFO.

The term of office of Supervisory Board and Audit Committee of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB has also been renewed for a new four-year term. Members of the Supervisory Board: Evelina Černienė (Chair), Laimonas Devyžis and Manfredas Dargužis. The Audit Committee will consist of: Irena Petruškevičienė (Chairwoman and Independent Member), Rasa Milašiūnienė (Independent Member) and Evelina Černienė.

J. Bivainytė, commenting on the changes, said: "I leave Maxima LT in a process of loading a truck of groceries for the Ukrainian Red Cross. Yesterday, we handed over the Food Bank of Lithuania 1000 of sets of necessary goods for refugees. Helping people in Ukraine and Ukrainians currently arriving to Lithuania has become our priority. Equally important, however, is to keep on doing what is our essential daily responsibility: to provide food for the residents of our country, and to do this responsibly, with a sensitive heart and calm mind.

The new head of Maxima LT will join the great team and a stable company. I return to lead Vilniaus prekyba, having gained extremely important experience in working together within a large team even in difficult pandemic conditions.”

“We have considered postponing the planned rotation, but we have finally decided that the anticipated changes will unify companies even more, considering the current context. The fact, that we are able to perform a rotation of seven managers at the same time, shows that my colleagues and I have reached a level of awareness where we are able to see our actions not only within the scope of the company we work for, but on a group-wide basis. This allows us to rapidly respond to business trends and to allocate responsibilities according to where we are concentrating and the direction we are acting at a time. – said Mantas Kuncaitis, CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB. –  Under the leadership of J. Bivainytė Maxima LT was taken to a new, higher level. The internal culture of the company, employee involvement in the decision-making process, encouraged by J. Bivainytė, contributed not only to faster and more efficient processes in the company, but also provided an opportunity for the company's employees to take the leadership and to grow as managers. After J. Bivainytė takes the wheel of Vilniaus prekyba, we will be able to focus more on one of the main priorities of the VP Group – the development of e-commerce, to which A. Mikalauskas will be able to devote all his efforts."


Additional information

Maxima Grupė owns the retail chains Maxima (in the Baltic countries), Stokrotka (in Poland), and T-Market (in Bulgaria), as well as e-grocer Barbora operating in the Baltics and Poland.

The company is part of the Vilniaus Prekyba group, which controls and manages the group of subsidiary companies operating chains of retail stores and pharmacies as well as real estate development and property management companies in the Baltic States, Sweden, Poland and Bulgaria.

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