New Maxima International Sourcing CEO – A. Voverė

As of August 1st, Agnė Voverė, member of the Board of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB has been appointed as the CEO of MAXIMA International Sourcing, UAB.

Recently, A. Voverė, who has been serving as Head of Baltic Region at "Maxima Grupė," has been assigned as the Director of "Maxima International Sourcing," a subsidiary of "Maxima LT." A. Voverė has been involved in various managerial positions within VP group companies since 2004. She has previously served as the Director at "Maxima International Sourcing" from 2020 to 2022.


Additional Information

"Maxima International Sourcing" provides centralized supply, procurement, and negotiation services for retail chains "Maxima" in the Baltic countries, "Stokrotka" in Poland, and "T-Market" in Bulgaria. It also develops private labels and engages in wholesale trading activities.

"Maxima Grupė" manages retail chains "Maxima" (in the Baltic countries), "Stokrotka" (in Poland), "T-Market" (in Bulgaria), and the online food store "Barbora," operating in the Baltic countries and Poland.

"Maxima Grupė" is part of the "Vilniaus prekyba" group of companies. Through its other subsidiary companies, "Vilniaus prekyba" controls investments in retail and pharmacy chains, as well as real estate development and rental service companies in the Baltic countries, Sweden, Poland, and Bulgaria.

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